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About Us

Value-Added Partner To The Oil And Gas Industry

OMNI is the industry leader in oil and gas measurement solutions.

Established in 1990, OMNI Flow Computers, Inc. is a full-service hardware and software design, development, manufacturing, and after-sales support company based in Sugar Land, Texas. OMNI is the largest independent manufacturer of flow computers and the preferred choice of oil and gas companies worldwide.

When the first OMNI was released in 1991, its innovative technology and unrivaled reliability quickly became the industry standard. Today, OMNI flow computers are estimated to be connected to over 50,000 custody transfer flow meters located in almost 100 different countries.

OMNI flow computers are used in every aspect of the industry, from storage and marketing loading and off-loading terminals to refineries, gas and petrochemical plants, ship-loading terminals, and offshore production platforms and processing facilities (FPSOs). If you've ever worked with a flow computer, chances are it was an OMNI.

OMNI continues to innovate.

Being the industry standard doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. OMNI flow computers continue to provide innovation in the industry by including a wide range of configurable operational functions without custom programming. Each OMNI flow computer is custom-built to our customers' specifications and comes with a full three-year warranty.

Our company philosophy aims to provide the best results for the lowest cost of ownership. Our flow computers as well as our company are constantly improving to match that philosophy.

We offer training classes around the world in addition to extensive customer service and support. In 2009, OMNI Flow Computers, Inc. received ISO 9001 certification, a testament to our commitment to excellence.